Every B2B marketer is on a quest: to meet their pipeline and revenue objectives. Understanding that this journey is as unique as each marketer, we've always strived to offer flexible solutions. Whether it's swiftly creating a reliable pipeline filled with premium leads or employing a comprehensive platform to synchronize activities across a myriad of demand channels, Integrate has been your steadfast partner.

A testament to our partnership is the tremendous success our customers have achieved using both facets of our business. This success illuminated a truth: both our SaaS and Media divisions have grown robust enough to stand independently. By allowing them to do so, we can hone in on and amplify our mission more clearly, ensuring that we're always evolving in alignment with your needs.

To this end, we're elated to introduce:

  1. SaaS: Further establishing our position as the premier B2B Omni-channel demand generation platform you can trust.
  2. Pipeline360: Our Media arm, conceived with a commitment to building marketing pipeline in a scalable, reliable, and predictable way.

This restructuring isn't merely an internal shift; it's a recalibration centered around our customers. By sharpening our focus, we're positioning ourselves to serve them even more efficiently and effectively.

Tracing the Path of Integrate's Growth

Our journey began in 2010, amidst the burgeoning martech landscape. With a vision to seamlessly "integrate" the multitude of emerging data points, we initially ventured as a Media enterprise. Pivoting to software development in 2014, our strategic moves enabled the birth of the unified Demand Acceleration Platform, while our media heritage took a refreshed form as Pipeline360.

Delving into SaaS: The Demand Acceleration Platform

This platform stands as more than software; it represents our enduring promise to elevate the buyers experiences. By cohesively bridging channels, processes, and tools, we empower marketers to connect meaningfully with their audience, translating data into tangible revenue. Recognizing the mounting importance of data privacy, we've introduced Data Guardian, ensuring you remain at the forefront, maintaining the highest standards of compliance. 

Our evolution, spurred by your success, strengthens our commitment. As you continue to soar, know that we're by your side, adapting, refining, and innovating to support every milestone you achieve.


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