Global Compliance

Demand marketing organizations are collecting increasingly detailed data to help engage and convert prospective customers, while simultaneously being held to higher data compliance standards than ever before. A global business’ success today rests on its marketing team’s ability to walk this line with precision and speed. 

Integrate delivers the confidence you need to apply global compliance standards across all top-funnel lead generation campaigns, without letting the complexities of international data privacy, collection and transfer laws slow you down.


Source Agreement

Legal and compliance teams often require marketers to demonstrate adherence to international data and privacy regulations. Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software enables marketers to:

  • Implement compliance agreements across third-party demand generation campaigns
  • Customize agreements based on regional regulations and specific company requirements
  • Ensure all third-party lead providers acknowledge compliance with each country’s data privacy and data transfer regulations
  • Capture user and timestamp data verifying that lead providers have assured compliance with international data security laws
  • Obtain one-stop compliance confirmation from all lead sources, allowing campaigns to launch more rapidly with reduced chance of error

Learn how Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software can help you scale global marketing efforts.

Data Privacy Assurance

International data privacy regulations range from opt-in to double opt-in to opt-out requirements. Integrate’s software allows marketers to:

  • Store and update country-specific opt-in language that reflect the regulations of each region while mandating third-party providers use appropriate verbiage
  • Ensure only lead data that matches opt-in specifications is accepted from lead sources
  • Apply opt-out suppression lists to demand gen campaigns
  • Restrict access to personally identifiable information (PII) collected from lead generation programs
  • Securely transfer data in compliance with EU-US Privacy Shield and Swiss- US Privacy Shield laws

Learn how to streamline and ensure compliance for your global demand generation campaigns.



Proof of Concept

Additionally, lead sources can be required to provide proof of concept for each campaign. This gives you the ability to review copy, assets and other deliverables prior to campaigns being published in market. Proof of concept provisioning gives additional assurance that:

  • Mandatory privacy policy language is implemented
  • Third-party partners are compliant with brand and communications guidelines
  • Campaigns require approval from marketers before going live

Execute your demand gen campaigns at scale while maintaining peace of mind.