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Orchestrate your Marketing

The Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform is a centralised, customisable cloud platform at the heart of our Precision Demand Marketing approach. It provides the connectivity, high quality and scale to meet the challenges of building meaningful experiences for buyers. By connecting the components you use to generate demand: your channels; your media, event and data providers; your processes and workflow; along with existing and future technology investments, the DAP creates an efficient, effective demand engine. That engine integrates and orchestrates workflows with your marketing automation, CRM and analytics systems to deliver increased visibility and insights.  

Rackspace experienced improvement in lead quality
Marketo experienced a reduction in digital spend on duplicates
Avalara experienced saving over 3,000 hours of valuable SDR time

Soar above the challenges

As a B2B marketer, your job is tougher than ever. Chances are, your team is trying to manually manage data from a growing number of channels. Demand generation is bogged down in thousands of invalid, noncompliant leads. And you’re trying to get a clear, multi-channel view of where and when prospects and targets are interacting with your content. The Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform enables you to soar above it all.

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Orchestrate intelligently

With decisive insights into campaign performance, the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform lets you optimise strategies to deliver high-quality customer experiences and connect the demand channels that deliver the greatest value.

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Build a trusted buyer’s journey

With the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform, you engage the right people with a relevant message at the right time, creating a seamless experience across demand channels. This turns each point of contact into a carefully calculated customer journey that builds trust, enabling your organisation to nurture and convert the highest quality leads.

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Connecting all the information and filtering our lead data with Integrate's Demand Acceleration Platform has been eye opening. Marrying all of the data sources together is extremely influential. Integrate allows us to connect and bring channels together and achieve our overall vision.

Brandy Morton

Director of Demand Generation at Harland Clarke

Customer Success

240% increase in opportunities – how Integrate helped Harland Clarke build a connected demand engine.

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Customer Success

Iron Mountain Increased MQL Conversions from 6% to 22%.

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Your responsibilities are growing as quickly as your company’s expectations. See how the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform helps you soar above the challenges.

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