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Mobile Connect: Connect Your Prospect Data, Buyer Experiences, and Revenue Teams

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Integrate Demand Acceleration and Mobile Connect

Integrate Mobile Connect is an application, included with the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP). Anyone in a B2B field role can use Mobile Connect to gain opt-in consent and collect contact information on prospects wherever they meet them, and easily send their details back to DAP. Before passing it on to your CRM and marketing automation platform (MAP), DAP governs and standardises the contact information, enabling you to use the data collected offline to be used in your online cross-channel programs.

How Mobile Connect Works

How Integrate Mobile Connect Works

Capture Leads Anytime, Anywhere

Sales conversations can happen anywhere. Now your team can collect contacts at any time, regardless of location.

Improve Critical Data Governance

With DAP and Mobile Connect, leads are automatically standardised, validated, and checked for compliance.

Event marketers conversing at a conference

Increase Teamwork

By having an “always on” tool — marketing and sales can stay aligned even when events aren’t happening.

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Become More Efficient

Eliminate manual processes and route prospect data to your systems in real-time for faster nurture and follow-up.

Event marketers conversing at a conference

Easy to Use

Field reps simply snap pictures of business cards, event badges, or scan LinkedIn QR codes from their own phones.

Building Connections with

Mobile Connect

Prospect Data

A new method for field teams to easily collect data on prospects and send it seamlessly and automatically back to your marketing systems.

Buyer Experiences

Connect face-to-face offline interactions with online digital campaigns for a choreographed experience with your brand.

Internal Teams

Increase collaboration between marketing and sales teams through the easy collection and sharing of data for use in cross-channel digital programs.

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