According to Forrester, on average Chief Marketing Officers allocate 24% of their total annual budget to live events. Evidently, trade shows and exhibitions account for a big chunk of your marketing budget – but unlike other marketing channels, you get little visibility into how that investment pays off.

Most companies have to wait days, if not weeks, before they have any idea how many leads they collect from events. And many have no idea how many leads from their biggest event actually convert into sales. But what if you were able to shed light on your trade show and event activities, and turn events into a measurable, scaleable marketing channel?

Events: the unsung hero of the modern buying process

For B2B exhibitors, it's unlikely you'll close a sale at a trade show, but exhibiting is a crucial touch point in the sales process. It's often your only chance to get face-to-face with potential customers, to speak with them directly and develop a real, in-person rapport.

But today's buying process involves more stages and touch points than ever before. It can take weeks, months, or even years for a deal to close.

For many organisations, being able to attribute individual leads to specific events is impossible to imagine. It's time to change that.

The exhibitor's guide to measuring trade shows and events

The Integrate team works with leading organisations including IBM, PayPal and Sony, helping them to integrate their event lead capture process with their CRM or in-house systems. This makes it easier to track leads through the sales process, so you can finally measure the return on investment of your events program.

We’ve put together this guide so you can:

  • Understand where events sit within your marketing and sales activities.
  • Learn a new way to recognize and track event leads through the sales process.
  • Join-up events with your marketing tech stack. This will make lead attribution easier, so you can more effectively track return on investment.

Want to improve the way you measure and track leads from trade shows and events? Want to be able to report on the success of every trade show, and see how much revenue comes from your events? Download The Exhibitor’s Guide to Measuring Trade Shows and Events.

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