Integrate is thrilled to announce the launch of new products that leverage the advancements in our AI capabilities, and over a decade of experience in cross channel demand management. These features have gone through our extensive early adopter program with many of our customer advisory board members and will empower marketers to make data-driven decisions faster and more efficiently, optimizing their campaigns and impacting their businesses.

2024 Market Conditions Demand Accelerated Decisions Based on Trusted Data

As we step into 2024, B2B marketers face three compelling reasons to make smart, informed decisions:

Increased Budget Scrutiny: Economic conditions demand that marketing teams do more with less. According to Gartner’s State of Marketing Budget and Strategy Survey, a staggering 75% of CMOs are tasked with achieving more with limited resources. Marketers must prove their worth as profit centers and swiftly identify underperforming channels to reallocate resources effectively.

Accelerated Data-driven Decisions: Generative AI is revolutionizing marketing, offering the capability to achieve more with less. The pressure is on, with 86% of US technology decision-makers expecting increased investments in AI capabilities (Forrester, Budget Planning Survey, 2023). AI-based insights enable marketers to engage with their audience effectively and optimize their partner relationships.

More Complex Buying Behavior: Evolving B2B buying behavior complicates proving influence and revenue. Buyers now operate in groups with specialized roles, and privacy laws require careful engagement. Marketers need AI-driven insights to optimize programs and demonstrate meaningful business impact.

Accelerate Time to Value

Integrate introduces Performance Center, an addition to our cross-channel, enterprise demand management platform. It equips revenue marketers with AI-informed insights to enhance cross-channel marketing quality and offers the ability to:

Identify Buyer Personas, Engagement, and Gaps: Performance Center leverages AI to streamline the process of identifying buyer personas from CRM data. It focuses on how companies purchase with buying groups, allowing marketers to configure and target effectively.

Optimize Media Partner Relationships: Trust and reliability scoring powered by AI and our extensive content syndication data help marketers collaborate with publisher partners to improve results.

Identifying Buyer Personas, Engagement, and Gaps

Performance Center employs AI to simplify the process of identifying buyer personas from CRM data, addressing the challenge of categorizing numerous job titles into key personas. Our AI technology assigns relevant personas to leads at scale, focusing on how companies purchase with buying groups.

Marketers can configure their buying groups within Integrate, allowing Integrate AI to match the right individuals and activities to these groups. This enables marketers to identify accounts with the best buying group coverage and adjust their targeting for full engagement.

Integrate Performance Center funnel progression dashboard

In addition to identifying buying group roles from infinite title possibilities and the engagement and gaps of these buying groups, performance shows closed loop performance data. With Intergate's enhanced Salesforce Bidirectional Connector, marketers can import data from six Salesforce objects: Lead, Account, Opportunity, Contact, Campaign, and Campaign Member. Performance Center stitches together this data for a full picture of marketing's impact on business outcomes.

Performance Center automates critical functions on a scale previously unattainable, bringing speed and accuracy to what was once a laborious, time-consuming process. It's a valuable addition to our cross-channel demand management platform's Insights capabilities.

Media Partner Trust and Reliability Scoring for Data Privacy and Scalable Lead Quality

Gen AI enables Integrate to pioneer media partner Trust and Reliability Scores within Performance Center, addressing data privacy concerns and quantifying lead quality. Marketers can now use AI scores to measure media partners' reliability and trustworthiness for data-driven campaign decisions. The trust and reliability of our marketer clients’ demand generation data sources are determined by measuring a wide variety of attributes collected for many thousands of sources with millions of data points.

Integrate Performance Center Overall Media Partner Health

This offering enhances data governance with state-of-the-art AI algorithms, strengthening our commitment to lead governance. We anticipate continued advancements in Gen AI approaches to assess and improve lead quality and compliance.

Explore our product launch press release here or visit the Performance Center webpage to learn more about this exciting addition.

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