AI-Enabled Insights Improves Buying Group Reach and Optimizes Media Partner Relationships

Boulder, CO and Worldwide, January 30, 2024 – Integrate, a leading B2B marketing demand management platform, today announced the launch of its “Performance Center,” an AI-driven insights engine to accelerate B2B marketing decision-making and improve performance. Performance Center identifies gaps in buying groups, optimizes media partner relationships, and enables a better understanding of cross-channel marketing results. 

According to a recent 2024 Pipeline360 and Demand Metric study, the #1 challenge in marketing today is budget constraints (50%) followed by economic slowdown (40%) and impossible targets (32%). Meanwhile, Salesforce’s Generative AI Snapshot Series found that marketers estimate generative AI can save them over 5 hours per week to focus on more meaningful work.

“B2B marketers are faced with doing more with less, and doing it faster, and everyone is looking to AI to raise the threshold of what’s possible and accelerate decision-making and productivity,” said Aaron Mahimainathan, Chief Product Officer, Integrate. “With millions of data points passing through our platform each month, we’re building AI capabilities from the ground up into our product to enable B2B marketers to make informed decisions so they can deliver more meaningful impact to pipeline, revenue, and business outcomes.”

A key new feature of Integrate’s Performance Center is the ability for B2B marketers to identify gaps in buying groups and gain insight into buying group behaviors. Marketers can easily see which accounts have the most/best buying group coverage and take actions to update their targeting to ensure full buying group engagement on any account.

Another key capability leverages big data and machine learning to create Integrate’s proprietary trust and reliability score for media partners. The score is based on an algorithm running on millions of data points that track media partner campaign performance for a period of time. This empowers B2B marketers to verify the reliability and trustworthiness of their content syndication partners so they can make the best data-driven decisions for campaign fulfillment.  

Integrate’s Performance Center gives marketers AI-driven insights to make accelerated decisions which optimize marketing programs and resources, and report on meaningful business impact. 

To learn more about Integrate’s new AI-driven Performance Center features, please visit our Performance Center page or our blog "Introducing Performance Center: Impact Marketing Outcomes with AI-Powered Insights."