You’re right: B2B marketing does look wildly different than it did in the beginning of 2020. It's digital, it's remote, and B2B buyers are acting more like B2C buyers. They have ready access to all the information they need and want online. They can read reviews, connect with peers, compare notes, and make purchase decisions from anywhere, and at any time. And they are. They favor frictionless experiences that are open, intuitive, and immediate. In short, B2B buyers now control their own journey – and they know it. And that makes the job for us B2B marketers harder than it has ever been.

So, what’s a marketer like you to do?  If you’re reading this, you probably already know that creating connected and measurable customer experiences needs to be a top priority. And that’s why we like you. Because that’s the kind of thinking that alters the course of companies and careers. Often this kind of innovation starts with a single change agent like you; somebody with the vision, knowledge, and skills to bring to light a new path toward revenue transformation. The best B2B marketers are embracing this new era of buyer-driven, omnichannel B2B marketing called Precision Demand Marketing. And we’d like to invite you to join us.

Today we’re celebrating the cream of the crop, the go-getters and the dream makers. We’re taking a moment to shine a spotlight on that rare marketer who is a superhero in disguise. We’re honored to recognize our B2B marketing customers who put the buyer and the buyer’s experience at the center of everything they do. These are our Precision Marketing Champions, and we feel privileged to introduce you to them.

Over the course of this past year, these world-class marketers have managed to adapt, shift their mindsets, connect their processes, be more precise in their marketing efforts, and rise above today’s challenges. They’ve taken an innovative approach to connect, align, and respond to today’s digitally savvy buyers in ways that are both personalized and meaningful. They are best-in-class leaders who are re-thinking how their marketing teams, technology, and data can further support the entire customer journey. They are bringing their teams together to implement always-on, data-driven, scalable strategies to generate predictable B2B revenue.  And the results are nothing less than remarkable.

We’re excited to support our customers on their journey toward navigating today’s new era of B2B marketing. In order to realize precision, you need the right people, channels, and technology in place to orchestrate intelligent buyer journeys. We’re proud to help our customers become more precise in their efforts and more focused on their buyer’s journey.

In 2020, Integrate helped our customers process over 9 million marketable and compliant leads and rejected 1.8 million unmarketable leads. This translates to our customers saving ~$75 million in marketing budget to create more impactful, precise marketing initiatives that reach the right buyers at the right time with the right message.

With poor data quality hindering actionable outreach, lowering conversion rates and eating into demand budgets, data governance is a mandate. We are committed to ensuring higher quality, marketable and compliant leads across all demand channels- equating to more qualified pipeline and ultimately to revenue.

Integrate recently launched its Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP), which enables B2B marketers to address the growing demands and needs of buyer-driven, omnichannel marketing. Integrate’s DAP provides marketers with the flexibility and adaptability to quickly react to shifting buyer’s needs, invest where needed, and orchestrate connected buying experiences with less budget waste.

With the Integrate DAP, marketers now have the ability to connect the essential data, technology and consulting services providers they need to streamline their demand effort and increase their performance. This means marketers can bring their current vendors, data providers, marketing services companies and agencies together, around DAP, in a way that connects channels and makes them work better together.

While 2020 changed our world and our perspective, we are seeing glimmers of hope and progress in 2021 as we all adapt and evolve. We look forward to continuing to celebrate the success and the accomplishments of our community throughout this year and moving B2B marketing toward precision.


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