Precision Demand Marketing Supports New Era of B2B Marketing Strategy, Structure and Technology

PHOENIX, AZ, October 20, 2021Integrate, the leader in B2B Precision Demand Marketing (PDM), today announced new study results conducted in conjunction with Heinz Marketing on the shifting strategic, structural, and technological changes B2B marketing teams are experiencing today. The “Integrate State of Marketing Maturity: The Future of Marketing Work” report found that nearly 60% of respondents are not entirely confident that their marketing strategy, technology and team structure effectively supports their marketing goals. A further breakdown of that data finds that number jump to 87% for ABM teams and 73% for revenue marketing teams.

“It’s clear that B2B marketers today are languishing under their current organizational structures, tangled tech stacks, and misguided lead-centric focus,” said Jeremy Bloom, co-founder and CEO of Integrate. “To survive and thrive in our ever-evolving environment, B2B marketing organizations need to go beyond marketing automation, ABM and ABX toward the new highest level of marketing maturity, Precision Demand, to address the functional misalignment and fatigue plaguing B2B marketing teams today.”

The research also reported that a majority of respondents (52%) still use basic lead generation – lead, MQL and engagement – as their main measurement of marketing success, instead of measuring performance based on revenue generated. What’s more, the Integrate-Heinz study found that a whopping 60% of marketing teams do not align their department goals with company goals.

“The most successful B2B marketing teams are constantly evolving and adapting their team structures, technologies and strategies,” said Matt Heinz, President and Founder of Heinz Marketing. “This research underscores that what worked yesterday may not work today, so it’s important to reevaluate your marketing ecosystem and move forward with precision and agility to allow your teams to engage buyers more effectively, and ultimately, meet company revenue goals.”

Precision Demand Marketing optimizes connected strategies, organizational structures, and integrated technology by aligning with five essential tenets of effective, omnichannel B2B marketing: target, activate, connect, measure and govern. This approach enables marketers to retain high-performing, sustainable teams, empower richer connections with evolved B2B buyers, and accelerate lead-to-revenue conversions.

To support B2B marketers in today’s new world, Integrate offers the Demand Acceleration Platform, which includes Precision Demand, Precision Syndication, Precision Digital and Precision Events. The company has also added new capabilities to further support an omnichannel, connected and flexible Precision Demand Marketing approach, including new campaign source types, events insights dashboard, webinar integrations with BrightTALK and ON24, account web analytics, contextual reporting for digital ads, domain list capping, and enterprise lists. For more information on these new features, please visit our blog.

The “Integrate State of Marketing Maturity: The Future of Marketing Work” report surveyed 223 B2B marketing leaders across marketing operations, customer marketing, ABM, digital marketing, demand generation, and revenue generation in Q2 2021. The full research report is available here. For more information, please register for the “Marketing Maturity in the Age of the Buyer: The CMO Perspective” webinar taking place on Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST.