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Meet the right buyers on the world's largest social networks—every time.

Activate your target accounts on LinkedIn and measure account-level engagement, all without spreadsheets.

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Get 100% actionable and marketable leads from your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

Activate in-market accounts on LinkedIn

Imagine activating target accounts from any source or channel on LinkedIn. Imagine using social forms to double or triple conversion rates while adding business emails and firmographic data to leads. Plus, getting account level reporting and insight into how accounts are engaging across all your LinkedIn campaigns. Imagine solving all your activation, governance, and measurement challenges with just a few clicks. It’s possible. With Integrate Precision Social.

Create a seamless cross-channel experience with LinkedIn advertising.

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Create a cross-channel experience that reaches today’s buyers.

Activate Target Account Lists in minutes on the world's largest professional network.

Connect LinkedIn Ads to your cross-channel strategy, and reach buyers wherever they are, with Integrate Precision Social. Use it to activate a target account list from any source or channel via a LinkedIn campaign, then increase your conversions by 2 to 3x with a Lead Gen Form––all without spreadsheets.

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Get 100% marketable, actionable data. Every time. Automatically.

You'll never have to touch a spreadsheet again.

Precision Social unifies LinkedIn ad campaigns with other demand channels, provides account-level targeting and reporting, and makes it easy to scale with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms – which can provide up to a 5x conversion rate.

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Focus your spend on engaged accounts. Deliver greater ROI.

Activate LinkedIn Ads on the Demand Acceleration Platform.

With the Integrate DAP, you can Identify in-market accounts across all your LinkedIn campaigns and, with just a few clicks, put them in a list, ready for activation. Then, when you need it, access critical cross-channel reporting––all to consistently reach today’s buyers, wherever they are, time after time.

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Customer Success

How Ivanti used Precision Demand Marketing to Get More Out of Target Account Lists

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The approach needs to be multi-channel, and we see this works much better when we position ourselves in the 'watering holes' people go to rather than the ones we try to create ourselves. This is exactly why we work with Integrate - they allow us to be hyper-targeted to the accounts we want and put our messages in the places our audience is... then continue to retarget them in various ways.

Leslie Alore

Global Vice President of Growth Marketing at Ivanti

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How to Activate Accounts Across Multiple Channels

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See what Precision Social can do for you.

Integrate Precision Social uses an omnichannel approach to target the buyers you’ve been waiting for, wherever they’re waiting for you. Learn more. Let’s start a conversation today.

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