Actionable Lead Data

Even though marketers understand the importance of high quality data, validation often only occurs once leads enter internal databases. Marketing automation and CRM are typically plagued with poor quality, insufficient and duplicate lead data that hampers follow-up activities and makes it difficult to convert newly generated leads into opportunities and revenue.

Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software includes a multi-stage data integrity process that ensures contact and company data is accurate, complete and marketable before it enters your marketing automation or CRM system. Demand gen doesn't have to pay for unqualified leads and marketing ops doesn't have bad data clogging up their systems. That's what we call a win-win outcome.


Data Validation

Instant data validation controls eliminate manual data scrubbing and prevent invalid data from ever reaching your database. Based on your defined lead criteria, Integrate’s software protects your top-funnel demand gen investments by:

  • Verifying valid email addresses, physical addresses and telephone numbers
  • Ensuring lead data meets your campaign parameters (e.g., job titles, roles, industries, geographies, etc.)
  • Sending invalid leads back to the originating source
  • Giving you control over which fields the software validates for each campaign and/or source

Learn how Integrate can stop dirty data from getting into your systems.

Data Deduplication

Depending on program goals, duplicate lead data can either be beneficial, providing insight on multiple engagements with individual contacts, or a waste of budget, paying for the same contact info multiple times. The software gives you granular control over business rules regarding duplicate leads by allowing you to:

  • Implement duplicate rules at the campaign and source level
  • Add duplicate tags for assets to prioritize more engaged leads
  • Reject contacts that already exist in your database from paid demand gen efforts

Protect your demand marketing investments with full control over duplicate contacts. 



Data Enrichment

Integrate’s software offers additional lead intelligence to help you engage and move prospects and accounts through your pipeline faster. Append demand gen and event leads with more than 150 firmographic, social and contact data points, enabling more precise nurturing and informed follow-up.

Sample data points include:

  • Company Data – Headquarter address, employee count, annual revenue, SIC code
  • Contact Data – Title, job function, phone number, education level
  • Social Data – LinkedIn profile URL, Twitter handle, Facebook profile

Don't wait for progressive profiling. Get the data you need today to create new opportunities faster.