Top-Funnel Automation

Demand marketers are executing an increasing number of campaigns across numerous channels to identify and engage new prospects. These top-funnel marketing programs are typically managed individually and disconnected from lower-funnel marketing processes, making them resource-intensive and difficult to generate sizable increases in marketing-attributed revenue.

Integrate's Demand Orchestration Software centralizes your demand generation programs and lead data sources, delivering the control and efficiency you need to drive more predictable demand generation outcomes.

Campaign Management

Demand marketing teams execute numerous campaigns each quarter to meet top-funnel initiatives. Planning, launching and managing these campaigns is typically time-intensive. Integrate’s software streamlines campaign creation and automates campaign management so you can stay focused on meeting your overarching demand objectives.

  • Build campaign templates that can quickly be cloned and altered, enabling you to launch new campaigns within minutes instead of hours
  • Monitor campaigns in aggregate for a unified view of investment and pacing towards daily, monthly and quarterly goals
  • Configure contact- and account-based targeting criteria that can easily be mapped to campaigns
  • Store all campaign assets (logos, content, creative, scripts, etc.) for quick distribution and execution

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Channel & Source Management

B2B marketing organizations typically leverage numerous channels in addition to their websites (such as events, webinars, content syndication partners, lead vendors, call centers, etc.) to engage new audiences and convert them to prospects. These channels are often managed and measured individually, exhausting resources and prohibiting a holistic view of performance.

Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software enables you to:

  • Centralize third-party, event and inbound data sources
  • Control and monitor pacing, budget and allocation at the source level
  • Determine targeting parameters, required data points and allowed values for each source
  • Measure and optimize performance across channels and sources

This Demand Marketing Assessment Guide and Orchestration Workbook will help you align data sources and channels with your demand marketing programs.

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