Event Data Management

B2B marketing organizations spend more on events than on any other demand marketing or tech investment (18% of budget, according to Forrester). For this effort to pay off, marketers must take a more holistic approach to event lead management – ensuring prompt follow-up and tracking post-event performance. 

Leading B2B marketers are using Integrate's Demand Orchestration Software to translate event investments into pipeline opportunities and revenue growth. See how our Event Data Management Solution can increase your event marketing ROI in this 30-second video. 



Automated Event Data Processing

Events typically leave marketers with spreadsheets of raw lead data captured via registration forms, lead collection devices, even business cards. Processing this data is a tedious process that causes significant delays in follow-up and destroys event ROI.

Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software help organizations generate more opportunities and revenue from event efforts by:

  • Automating event lead processing, saving team resources and increasing lead velocity
  • Ensuring formatting consistency for improved personalization and follow-up communications
  • Filtering out leads from specified job titles and companies that you don’t want in your database
  • Automatically routing leads to specified follow-up channels (nurture tracks, sales reps, etc.) based on customizable rules

Discover how our software can automate all your top-funnel lead management processes.

Event Data Enhancement

Marketers often need more intelligence on event-generated leads to identify appropriate follow-up strategies and drive pipeline results. Integrate’s software allows you to append leads with more than 150 firmographic, social and contact data points so you can:

  • Effectively prioritize leads that have the strongest potential and urgency
  • Deliver more precise nurturing and intelligent sales follow-up
  • Move event-generated prospects through your pipeline faster

Get more intelligence for your top-funnel lead gen programs.



Event Performance Measurement

Demand marketers must be able to calculate the ROI of specific events and weigh results against content marketing or digital investments. Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software measures event performance alongside other top-funnel demand programs, delivering a clear understanding of:

  • Which events are driving the most sales pipeline opportunities and new customers
  • Which level of investment is right for each event
  • Where budget should be reallocated – events, programs, channels – for greater ROI

Check out our Event Data Management solution overview for a more detailed understanding of how our software can help you maximize event ROI.