To support us in delivering the Integrate (Europe) Ltd solution, Integrate may engage other service providers. Some of these providers will provide assistance that falls within the definition of “processing” of personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation. When we work with these service providers in our capacity as a data processor for our customers, the third-party service provider is a “Sub-processor” of Integrate. This page identifies which Sub-processors we use, the services they provide to us, and where they are located. Our Sub-processors are all subject to contract terms that require compliance with applicable data protection laws. As of today, Integrate uses the following Sub-Processors.

Infrastructure Sub-processors - Service Data Storage

Sub-Processor Name
Location of Processing
Amazon Web Services(AWS)
AWS provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that Integrate uses to host data, store backup data and some auxiliary data.
Ireland and US

Service Specific Sub-processors

Sub-Processor Name
Location of Processing
Citrix ShareFile
Content Collaboration
United States
Cloud Elements
Our integrations partner (for integrations other than with Integrate), enabling integrations with CRM and Marketing Automation and allowing for the data flow back to the Customer.
United States, Inc.
Integrate contribute to provision of the Integrate (Europe) Ltd service to our customers as our holding company. The Integrate integration is set up directly with Integrate. It enables Integrate data to go through Integrate’s demand orchestration software before reaching customer’s CRM or Marketing Automation. For Integrate Events' customers who also use Integrate, Integrate Events is the processor of any data collected using the Integrate (Europe) Ltd software and Integrate is the sub-processor. For any other Services delivered by Integrate, Integrate is the direct processor for the customer and the relevant sub-processors list can be found at
United States
Product and Service Performance Analysis
United States
Data mapping, data classification and DSARs
United States
Data visualization
United States/United Kingdom
(formerly TaskEater)
A business process outsourcing company, the TaskEater service is used to perform the human element of our business Card Transcription Service. Business Cards are made temporarily available for transcription in an isolated manner and do not identify individual customers.
UK and Bangladesh
Application Email Provider