Engage your target accounts.

We believe all marketers can achieve quantifiable business outcomes by unifying all channels, including account-based digital advertising.

Executing an ABM strategy at scale is time-consuming, resource intensive, and requires persistent oversight. Worse still, measuring results has plagued even the most data-driven marketers.

  • Without an effective ABM strategy, it is difficult to get your messaging in front of target accounts and companies
  • It is challenging to harness the power of ABM in tandem with other demand channels
  • Account-based lead data is often incomplete or outdated as decision-makers change positions and companies more frequently
Download the Enterprise Playbook to Account-Based Demand Gen
The Enterprise Playbook to Account-Based Demand Generation

Integrate ABM Advertising.

Integrate’s ABM solutions are an effective combination of advertising, website personalization, and demand gen that identify and take action on the most qualified, engaged accounts.

  • Integrate’s ABM solutions can help you identify engaged personas at key accounts and provide a fresh approach to account-based marketing
  • Once we help you identify and engage those key personas, you’ll get access to Integrate’s network of 150+ content syndication providers and targeted ad inventory of 3,000+ web sites
  • Once your lead data is inserted into the Integrate platform, data is governed and enriched to provide you with prospects exhibiting buying signals

Our expert customer success team will provide you with the service you need to execute account-based lead generation.

Let us show you how our combination of advertising and content syndication will result in better leads that are more likely to convert down-funnel. Integrate guarantees a specific number of leads and ad impressions from your target accounts, ensuring a higher rate of return on your ABM campaigns. Partner with us to understand which key accounts are displaying buying signals so you can nurture and retarget effectively.

"Integrate, in a sense, is like letting me have another 10 or 15 people in marketing helping me and mining the entire digital universe for those actions and activities and when people are raising their hand."