Capture Content Syndication or CPL Leads in real-time.

We believe all marketers can achieve quantifiable business outcomes by unifying all channels, including content syndication and CPL campaign leads.

Successful marketers understand the challenges of reaching new audiences with branded content, and capturing marketable contact information for nurturing and follow-up.

  • Managing multiple publishers and vendors to generate leads is complex and time-consuming
  • Standardizing and validating acquired lead data takes time and delays nurture and follow-up efforts
  • Documenting global compliance for leads from content/CPL sources is complicated
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Getting Started with 3rd-party Demand Gen

Integrate Content/CPL leads.

The Integrate Content/CPL Solution.

  • Integrate takes content syndication or CPL leads directly from publishers and routes intelligent data to marketing automation and CRM systems
  • The platform standardizes the data, validates against your pre-defined program parameters, and enriches leads to meet your tracking and completeness requirements
  • You gain a holistic view of campaign and source performance using Integrate’s analytical capabilities, and can easily compare results against other demand channels

Partner with Integrate to scale and improve content syndication and CPL campaign results.

Our expert services team is here to advise on campaign strategy to help you achieve your goals. Our world-class campaign managers and customer success managers are dedicated to your success.

"I view Integrate as a traffic cop."