Clean your data and keep it clean.

We believe all marketers can achieve quantifiable business outcomes by unifying all channels, including existing data records in the CRM, MA, or CDP.

Many companies have large amounts of data residing in their MA and/or CRM databases and records are often incomplete, invalid, or outdated.

  • When unqualified leads are sent to sales it lowers conversion rates and breed mistrust between marketing and sales
  • Dirty data is costly and hinders your ability to receive accurate reporting
  • If you’ve previously performed a database cleanse, data ages affecting usability in real-time

Integrate data quality cleanse.

Integrate’s Data Clean service enables our dedicated team to extract your existing data, enabling the platform to govern and enrich the records that already exist in your systems.

  • Utilize our solution to optimize existing MA and CRM databases and create more value in the systems you have
  • Integrate Clean uses our data processing engine to provide a clean, intelligent and compliant database for pipeline-generating programs and higher revenue impact
  • Use Integrate Clean to regularly cleanse your data to ensure your records remain clean, intelligent and compliant

Partner with Integrate’s incredible customer success team to maximize value from your marketing automation platforms and CRM by implementing critical database cleaning processes.

Our dedicated team will help you rid your systems of dirty data by extracting existing data from your current CRM or MAP and routing it to the Integrate platform, returning only good data to your systems of record.

"Integrate brings value to a company no matter their size. It just creates efficiencies."