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Route your data in real-time.

We believe all marketers can achieve quantifiable business outcomes by unifying all channels and properly routing data to the systems of record.

Managing data from various sources and multiple systems can result in data loss and delays, negatively affecting pipeline quality.

  • Poor data is costly and ineffective when routed into MA and CRM systems
  • Having multiple data entry points into CRM and Marketing Automation systems creates data standardization and governance challenges
  • Pipeline quality suffers when good lead records aren’t quickly and accurately routed to sales
The Enterprise Playbook for Marketing Automation Excellence
The Enterprise Playbook for Marketing Automation Excellence

Integrate Data Routing.

Eliminate multi-system chaos by aligning the Integrate platform with your existing marketing automation, CRM, and/or CDP

  • With Integrate Data Routing, record limits and system space are only used to house data that is valuable to you
  • Create more value from your systems of record to store and manage data for meaningful business impact
  • The Integrate platform offers a multi-directional data flow that routes clean and intelligent data into your systems to boost pipeline quality

Partner with Integrate to manage and route your data to achieve your marketing goals.

Our world-class services team will help you connect your demand channels and systems of record to our platform, generating multi-directional routing and optimized analytics.

"Integrate is a solution to very real problems we were having. We’ve seen results immediately."