At Integrate we are on a mission to unify brand experience and deliver curated customer journeys. The Integrate Demand Cloud ecosystem provides the connectivity needed to execute precision demand generation campaigns.

Precision demand generation is a strategy essential for B2B marketers’ success. Why? Because B2B marketing operates on high stakes and buyers are increasingly harder to reach. Factor in the expectations for messaging that perfectly resonates at the optimal time–it makes for a difficult challenge for marketers to overcome.

Can you identify with these common issues facing B2B marketers today?

  • The need to boost efficiency and do more with a shrinking budget.
  • The pressure to drive better conversion rates and generate more pipeline.
  • The importance of aligning brand and messaging within the customer journey.

Instead of hedging your bets with disconnected data, channels and messaging, improve your odds by targeting buyers already showing interest in what you sell.  The Integrate Demand Cloud ecosystem paired with intent signals from Bombora give B2B marketers a competitive advantage with improved efficiency and ROI.

Industry research reinforces the current reality:

  • According to this article, B2B buyers are already 60% of the way through their decision process before they engage with a sales rep or even visit your website.
  • At any given time, only 15% of your target account list (TAL) is in market considering a solution, meaning up to 85% of your ABM efforts could be focused on accounts that are unlikely to buy.
  • GDPR and CCPA are making it more important than ever to capture a high quantity of opt-in leads that are early in their research and buying cycle.

The solution is straightforward and begins with the focus on precision in your targeting.  Connecting your demand cloud to Bombora leverages Intent data to first identify the businesses showing an increased interest in the products and services that you sell, before targeting an entire target account list in the Integrate Demand Cloud.

What you’ll get from a precision demand-gen campaign.

Targeting your most interested buyers is a fundamental practice for good marketing. (It’s like being dealt a hand that’s stacked with all face cards.) The strategy and tactics can be applied by marketing teams of all sizes, because of its sustainability. Buyers will be more receptive to your message when it comes at the right time, and in the channel where they can throttle communication preferences. It ensures your compliance with data governance, puts limited yet valuable resources to work in an intelligent way, all while serving your customers’ needs on their terms.

Reach me at to learn more about our partnership with Bombora or if you’re interested in becoming an Integrate partner.

Jack Butler
Manager – Tech Alliances & Data Partnerships, Integrate

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