This article draws on insights from a recent Integrate Live session featuring ZoomInfo's CMO, Brian Law, and Justin Eisner, Integrate's VP of Technical Consulting. The webinar, titled "Empowering Revenue Growth – How ZoomInfo Leverages Next-Gen Intent to Fuel Marketing Plays," explored advanced strategies for driving revenue growth via intent data. 

Why It's Important to Utilize Intent Data 

Increased Conversion Rates: A report by Forrester finds that 58% of B2B marketers who have been utilizing intent data witnessed a significant increase in conversion rates. By understanding customer intent, companies are able to create more personalized marketing strategies, leading to higher engagement and subsequent conversions.

Improved Customer Retention: According to the Aberdeen Group, businesses using intent data have seen a 74% higher customer retention rate compared to those not using it. This underscores the potential of intent data in not just attracting new customers but also retaining existing ones.

Marked Revenue Growth: Gartner's research indicates that companies actively leveraging intent data have experienced a 15-20% increase in revenue. This is largely due to the enhanced targeting enabled by intent data, thus making marketing campaigns more focused and effective.

Webinar Overview

Integrate recently a webinar featuring Brian Law, Chief Marketing Officer at ZoomInfo, focuses on the use and importance of intent data in marketing in fueling revenue growth. The talk also includes details about ZoomInfo's success in the intent data realm and highlights its affiliation with Integrate's software platform.

Three Key Takeaways at a Glance

  1. Deciphering Intent Data Types: You need to understand the trio of intent data which are Champion moves, Known Intent, and Inferred Intent. Each type presents its own unique mechanisms and impact on conversion rates. While Champion moves track changing job roles, Known Intent gathers data via surveys and Inferred Intent is deduced from broader web activities.
  2. Spot and Prioritize Potential Purchasers: Intent data can be a gold mine when it comes to identifying prospects who are actively inclined or are more likely to make a purchase in the near future. By zeroing in on these potential customers, you increase the odds of accelerating revenue growth.
  3. Data Quality and Validation is Essential: In the words of ZoomInfo, data quality determines quality output. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of their intent data, they've employed a combination of AI and human validation loops. As a marketer, prioritizing data quality is a must if you want to make educated decisions and utilize intent data effectively for revenue growth.

Detailed Summary:

  • Justin Eisler, VP of Technical Consulting at Integrated, opens the conversation about the importance of intent data for targeted marketing and its relevance, given new spam laws being introduced by Google and Yahoo. 
  • Brian Law explains that intent data helps prioritize companies and individuals most likely to buy in the near term. He identifies three types of intent data - champion moves, known intent, and inferred intent, with their methods and effectiveness set apart by their conversion rates. 
  • Champion moves involve tracking when an employee (who favored your product) changes jobs, allowing you to maintain that relationship at the new company and protect existing relationships at the old company. 
  • Known intent gathers data through surveys, determining company priorities, upcoming projects, pain points, leadership changes etc. ZoomInfo synthesizes this data into 'scoops' which provide direct information about company signals. 
  • Inferred intent works on activities performed on the broader web, like visiting websites, reviews sites, etc. Although valuable, it is lower in value compared to the other two types. 
  • ZoomInfo's platform extensively employs AI for handling its data. They believe in ensuring data quality for generating quality outputs and hence, have human validation loops for intent data. 
  • ZoomInfo also provides resources to help companies leverage intent data effectively, including a detailed section on the website ( that shares successful 'plays' or strategies that companies can adopt for 

Stay tuned to our blog for more essential marketing wisdom and remember, data-driven decisions make for an effective and efficient marketing strategy. 

If you would like to see the recorded webinar, click the image below. 

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