Welcome to the latest edition of the Integrate Insighter! This month, we bring you exclusive insights into maximizing your revenue growth with next-gen intent data, essential strategies for building a marketable database, and expert advice on structured lead management. Plus, stay informed with our curated list of top resources for privacy and data breach awareness. 

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Discover the latest Integrate content, specifically crafted to assist B2B Marketers to thrive in todays fast paced and ever-evolving business environment. 

Empowering Revenue Growth- How ZoomInfo Leverages Next-Gen Intent to Fuel Marketing Plays

This blog post summarizes a recent webinar Integrate held with Brian Law, Chief Marketing Officer at ZoomInfo. Discover how leveraging next-gen intent data can transform your marketing efforts, leading to higher conversion rates, improved customer retention, and significant revenue growth. Brian provides authoritative insights and practical advice on harnessing this powerful tool. Don't miss the chance to boost your revenue strategies with expert guidance.

Unstructured Lead Lists Drain Resources and Harm ROI: A Helpful Guide

Managing unstructured lead data is a major challenge for marketing teams, leading to data inconsistencies, wasted resources, and lower conversion rates. This blog discusses issues like data formatting hassles, CRM integration barriers, and compliance concerns that can harm your pipeline. Adopting structured lead management practices and advanced solutions like Integrate can turn chaotic data into actionable insights. Key strategies include regular data cleansing, lead scoring, and seamless CRM integration to boost efficiency and ROI. Discover how Integrate can streamline workflows and enhance your marketing efforts.

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Integrate Events

On May 30, Integrate hosted a webinar with industry expert Steve Armenti, VP of Marketing at Digital Ocean (former Google) entitled- Prevent Revenue Loss & “Opt-in” for Success: Strategies for Building a Marketable Database. A link to the insightful conversation can be found here.  

The following topics were covered in the webinar:  

  • Dove into the essential strategies for constructing a robust, marketable database. 
  • Emphasized the critical importance of preventing bad data from infiltrating your marketing systems. 
  • Shared firsthand insights from Steve on building an effective opted-in database and aligning sales and marketing efforts. 
  • Provided approaches used by some of the biggest B2B brands in the world, as shared by Andrew. 
  • Discussed lessons learned from these companies on keeping bad data out of their systems. 

What are we reading!

You're busy and there is a lot of information out there, let us help you cut to the chase with a few articles we think a B2B Marketer like you will want to read. 

In this edition of our newsletter, we're highlighting some invaluable resources to stay informed and protected in the digital age. Here are three prominent organizations dedicated to privacy and data breach awareness: 

  • Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (privacyrights.org): A leading voice on privacy issues, this non-profit organization maintains a comprehensive Data Breach Chronology that tracks major data breaches and offers resources for those affected. 
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) (eff.org): This digital rights advocacy group fights for user privacy and publishes insightful articles and reports on data privacy violations. 
  • DataBreaches.net (databreaches.net): Aggregating news and information from around the world, this website is an excellent resource to stay up-to-date on the latest data breach incidents. 

Marketer of the Month

For this months "Marketer of the Month" nomination, we would like to nominate all of the incredible Marketers who attended our Integrate 2024 Spring Customer Advisory Board meeting on May 21 & 22 in Nashville. Your presence and insightful contributions were invaluable in shaping the future of B2B marketing. It was a privilege to collaborate with such dynamic thought leaders and innovators.   

Please follow these rock star Marketers!   

Jessica Kao, Senior Director, Marketing Operations and Martech, Cloudflare 
Toni Schmelzle   - Senior Director, Demand Generation, Frontline Education 
Michelle Ballauf - Head of End Customer Marketing, Jabra 
Jennifer H - Director, Demand generation, G-P 
Gary Maggiolino - Senior Manager Global Marketing Technology, InterSystems  
John Hansen - Senior Director, Americas Field Marketing, Iron Mountain  
Naomi Outlaw - Manager, Global AdTech, Salesforce 
Scott George - Marketing Technology Manager, Vertex 
Aarushi Lakhotia - Global Campaigns Manager- Campaign Operations, Workday 
Andrea Poljakovic - Manager, Global Campaign Operations & Activation, Workday 
Dylan Schowengerdt  - Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, Splunk 
Karen Belt -  Head of Paid Media, MetLife  
Ken Hunt - Director of Marketing Technology, Accolade 
Lee Fang - Product Marketing Manager, Google 

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