Quality Lead Generation at Scale

Integrate’s Lead Generation Solution combines the power of our Demand Orchestration Software, with the reach and audiences of hundreds of media partners, and expertise of a dedicated Integrate customer success team. The end-result is a tech-enabled demand generation strategy that delivers on your revenue-contribution goals.


Integrate Data Marketplace

Scalable lead generation is more than just a numbers game. It means managing numerous campaigns across an increasing number of digital channels to reach more defined audiences than ever. This can be difficult to do with a small handful of trusted partners and often requires diversifying lead sources to effectively engage your target audiences.  

The Data Marketplace brings together 150+ vetted lead providers able to execute advanced marketing programs across niche and broad markets. Leverage the Data Marketplace to connect with lead providers who can:

  • Reach 355M+ B2B business professionals in local, regional and global markets
  • Use multi-channel engagement tactics to convert your target audiences to prospects
  • Implement hypertargeting criteria to connect you with the decision-makers who mean the most to your business
  • Provide deep expertise in various industries, including IT, Tech, Software, Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR, Sales, Retail, Manufacturing, Education, Utilities, Transport, Healthcare, Real Estate, Hospitality, Legal, Federal and Non-Profit

Integrate media experts will work with you to identify the lead providers who deliver the capabilities to meet your needs. Learn how to tap into the Integrate Data Marketplace.

Lead Generation Programs

Lead gen programs can fulfill a wide-range of business objectives ranging from top-funnel awareness to connecting with prospects at specific accounts or identifying contacts demonstrating later-stage buying signals.

Demand marketers use Integrate’s Lead Generation Solution to execute a wide rande of lead gen programs to meet company-specific goals, such as:

  • Traditional Content Syndication – use branded content to engage new audiences and capture contact information for nurturing and follow-up
  • Account-Based Leads – generate leads from specific titles or decision makers within target accounts
  • Engaged Lead Generation – leverage two-touch & multi-touch tactics to identify highly qualified and engaged prospects
  • Event Registration & Attendance – drive registrations and attendance for in-person, virtual and on-demand events

For a deeper look at how demand marketers are using Integrate’s Lead Generation Solution to capture qualified and engaged leads, read the solution overview.



Integrate Demand Orchestration Software

Successful demand marketing teams don’t leave lead generation to chance. The Integrate Data Marketplace is built on top of our Demand Orchestration Software, backing your campaigns with tools and insights proven to drive sales pipeline.

Leverage Integrate’s software to:

  • Apply global compliance standards across top-funnel lead campaigns, without letting international data privacy laws slow you down
  • Ensure lead data is accurate, actionable and meets your targeting parameters
  • Automate returns for leads that fail to meet your criteria
  • Inject lead data where and how you need it to enable quick nurturing and follow-up
  • Track key performance data as leads move through your pipeline to identify which top-funnel sources and tactics are driving the most opportunities and customers
  • Holistically optimize programs based on what’s working and what’s not

See how our software can power your top-funnel marketing strategy.

Hands-On Expertise

Rely on Integrate customer success experts to add the extra touch it takes to ensure your demand gen programs run like a well-oiled machine. Our team will work with you to:

  • Develop campaign strategy and identify the lead sources that will meet your demand objectives
  • Control lead-delivery pacing to support predictable pipeline growth
  • Compile customized campaign analysis reports and quarterly business reviews that surface actionable insights
  • Optimize programs based on performance data to increase conversion rates, reduce customer acquisition cost and drive more sales pipeline

Discover how our team can help you drive quality leads at scale and increase contributions to revenue.