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A single platform for a buyer-centric world.


In a B2B marketplace that is now digital and buyer-driven, the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP) empowers your team to reach the right accounts and buyers, when they’re ready to buy, using data that’s always validated and marketable.

The DAP eliminates the silos between people, departments, and marketing channels, filling your pipeline with high-quality, relevant leads, so you can target B2B buyers and accounts with a full range of demand tactics wherever they are on their paths to purchase.

Experience the Demand Acceleration Platform.

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Target and identify known and unknown buyers, buying groups, and accounts.

Use intent data and data intelligence to enrich target account lists, wherever you source them.

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Orchestrate cross-channel campaigns quickly and precisely.

Surround target accounts with personalized experiences that convert leads at every stage.

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Leverage an integrated global network of media publishers and lead providers.

Eliminate silos and expand reach across hundreds of thousands of web sites, events, and databases.

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Measure campaign performance, report for impact, and optimize your demand budget in real-time.

Agile marketing made easy with cross-channel visibility, media partner activity, and buyer insights to improve demand performance iteratively and at scale.

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Build trust with buyers by ensuring all data is standardized, valid, compliant, and marketable.

Significantly reduce the number of unqualified leads in your systems, in minutes.

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Connect to marketing automation, data, intent and other down-funnels systems.

Drive your Precision Demand Marketing campaigns with powerful, efficient technology, data, and solutions.

Identify known and unknown buyers across every demand channel.

Connect data, channels, and campaigns to reach your buyers where they are.

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Your marketing is only as good as the data in your systems.

Ensure all of it is valid, compliant, and 100% marketable to reach your target buyers and accounts.

Integrate Connected Journey 20 million leads

Get more out of your demand investments and efforts, faster.

You no longer have to choose between ABM and demand strategies.

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240% increase in opportunities?

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The whole concept of caring about the demand-gen ecosystem in this way and understanding the impact of it was relatively new to us just a year ago. Changing that culture, with Integrate fitting right into it, was huge. That was a key piece to delivery.

Brandy Morton

Director of Demand Generation at Harland Clarke


How B2B Marketers Can Thrive in a Buyer Driven World


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